Get to Know Jacelle

Jacelle's is an online boutique that was created with all women in mind.  I, Jacelle, owner and curator of the boutique, would like to tell you what inspired me to bring quality fashion with low cost to you.  I started out after high school attending college and receiving a degree in Dental Hygiene.  yes, I spend 8 hours a day cleaning teeth.  I love working with the public and bringing a smile to someone's face by making a difference in their life.  Deep down though, I felt like something was missing and took a hard look at what my true passion was.  I always loved to find good bargains and drum up an outfit at a great price.  I seem to get compliments on these outfits often whether I am dressed up or down. I always wanted to own a clothing store but financially never thought it was possible.  I started researching online stores and how I can implement such an idea into my life.  I finally got the courage and decided to launch my dream and take it one day at a time.  I love picking out cloths that I think will bring a smile to someone's face when their package arrives; moreover, makes them feel great when they walk out their front door.  We want to inspire women to be confident and chase their dreams.  If I can manage a full time job, being a wife and mother, and an online store, I am certain you can pursue your passions too.


My Mission

My mission is to provide quality fashion at affordable prices.  We believe that fashion is an expression of who you are; therefore, we try to maintain a variety of styles that suit everyone.  We understand that styles and trends change often and can become overwhelmingly pricey, so maintaining affordability is one of our goals.  We want to create a great online shopping experience for all.At my boutique, I pride myself on providing high-quality, well-made clothing. As part of my search for quality pieces to stock my women’s clothing boutique, I’ve made it my mission to provide stunning pieces that run true to size and are built to last.

My Merit

We try to uphold the best costumer service and want our customers to feel confident with shopping here at our online store.  We look for the best quality clothing, while keeping cost in mind.  Bringing the latest styles and trends here to you is one of our main goals.  Keeping you happy makes us happy.  I am constantly refreshing my products to make sure I always have the latest trends available to you. I have new, exciting items in stock every day, and they go fast! With high-quality materials, consistent sizing, and a constant flow of new products.

My Promise

I promise to deliver the best customer service for your online shopping experience.  We are here to answer questions and solve issues that may arise in a timely manner.  We know that sometimes things just don't work out, so we are here to make sure that any problem gets resolved and you leave here with a great experience and confidence in your purchase.  Style and fashion is important to so many people because when you look good, you feel good. Our commitment to delivering an unbeatable customer experience is our first priority. Making you happy makes us happy.   We are committed to giving you a superb shopping experience with quality, uniqueness, and style like no other to make you the confident women that you are. We also know that styles are constantly changing and could become quite pricey, therefore, we strive to incorporate the latest trends without breaking the bank.

My Impact 

I want everyone who shops at our store to have a great experience and the willingness to shop with us again.  I try hard to maintain inventory and to keep things new and fresh.  I also want to have something for everyone; therefore, shopping with us is easy and fun.  Fashion is a passion of mine and I want to make sure that I share that passion with all costumers.  My impact is to leave you feeling confident in every step you make.
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