Beach time is closing in!

Who’s ready for summer vacation?  I know I am.  With a hectic work week and baseball games, a girl needs to catch a break.  There’s only a few more weeks left of the school year, and then summer break begins.  I am so tired of wishing away the week.  Monday comes and it’s like you lost your best friend.  The Monday blues is what it’s called.  There you are headed into another workweek and looking forward to Friday again so the weekend can begin.  Finally, you realize, time goes by to darn fast!  That’s why we look forward to vacation.  A week long time off from life, just kicking up the sand between our toes.  No worries or deadlines to meet; just good old fun in the sun.  Chasing the waves, relaxing on the beach, or just laying around the pool.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is you are not married to an alarm clock nor do you have to answer to anybody.  Kick back with a cocktail in hand and let life take you elsewhere.  So where ever you travel this summer, have fun and live life to the fullest!  ☀️👙🌴😎🍹🏖

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