Summer Is Official!

Wow, it’s hard to believe that almost half the year is over.  School is officially out and time to start thinking about the summer.  What are your big plans?  For some of you moms out there it’s staying home with the kids and occupying them.  I have the utmost respect for you! Then they’re is the 9 to 5 moms that have to decide on camps or sitting arrangements.  I know one thing that’s on everyone’s mind and that is where to go on vacation. I’m sure some of you already have reservations and big plans.  Some of us are still in limbo because of our kids and their spots.  It’s hard sometimes to balance it all. What ever the situation I hope you all find some down time to escape and unwind.  Let’s face it, we owe it to ourselves to relax and enjoy life.  So plan that trip and go have some fun!👙🏖☀️🍹🕶🧳
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